The importance of Nonverbal Communication

In 2021, when AI was still unfamiliar and ChatGPT was not yet well-known to the public, FluentT conceived the next AI in university labs. We explored innovative technologies to bridge human-AI communication, discovering the importance of nonverbal communication.

Realizing that nonverbal elements account for over 70% of all communication, we particularly noticed the lack of technology to express 'motion' with current AI. Since then, FluentT has been dedicated to developing technology solely for expressing AI 'motion'.


Creating a world where you can have face-to-face conversations with AI

FluentT's mission is to create a world where people can converse with AI. Starting with AI that incorporates personality, expressions, and movements into text-centered interactions to communicate more closely with humans and provide users with new experiences, we are pioneering the future of AI robotics, where AI drives all motion, including upcoming robotic motions. Until the day you can sit across from your Jarvis, exchanging smiles and conversations brightly, we strive to lead and innovate in every aspect of motion integrated with AI.



Technology, Global, Balance!


FluentT has the world's leading AI research team, specializing in generative AI and motion generation technologies.


FluentT is a global team based in Seoul (Korea), Daegu (Korea), and San Francisco (USA), comprised of talented members from diverse fields across five countries.


FluentT develops user-centric services by maintaining a balance among its specialized AI research team, MLOps-focused development team, 3D & UX design team, and business team.




Motion AI Solution